DJ ShyBoy presents the RuPaul Mixtape

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01. Intro - RuPaul

02. Pump Up the Beginning - RuPaul vs Technotronic vs Mary Jane Girls vs Nine Inch Nails

03. Jealous of My Boogie Wonderland - RuPaul vs Earth, Wind & Fire with The Emotions

04. UnderCover Girl - RuPaul vs The Rolling Stones

05. Looking So Fucking Good - RuPaul vs Pase Rock

06. OMGDQWTF - RuPaul vs Usher vs Sak Noel

07. 52 LadyBoy Girls - RuPaul vs The B-52's

08. The Only Glamazon in Lebanon - RuPaul vs Human League vs Rihanna

09. Eye of the Champion - RuPaul vs Survivor

10. Get Your Rebel Yell On - RuPaul vs Billy Idol

11. Working Supermodel - RuPaul vs Michael Jackson

12. A Shade Slim Shady - RuPaul vs Eminem vs Prince

13. I Bring the Shake & Pop - RuPaul vs Green Velvet with Walter Phillips

14. Welcome to Forever - RuPaul vs Kristina Sky & Randy Boyer with ShyBoy & Jason Mill

15. The Legend of RuPaul - RuPaul vs John Legend with DJ Holla Back

16. The Main Main Event - RuPaul vs Barbra Streisand

Mashed by DJ ShyBoy

DJ ShyBoy presents The RuPaul Mixtape, a sonic explosion of flavor, color and mood that mashes the song stylings of the incomparable RuPaul with pop music from yesterday, today and tomorrow. A party-to-go where time travel is more than possible and style is always on hand.

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Artist relations & booking: Amanda Cee & Mark Nubar

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